Boise ID Hazardous Tree Removal

A hazardous tree removal can be one of the most stressful situations for any home or business owner. You can trust Woolf Tree Service Inc. to work safely, effectively and quickly to remove these obstacles from your property. A strong focus on safety is critical in order to protect the customer’s possessions and our employees. Our employees are trained to approach hazardous tree removal cautiously and take all necessary precautions.

Did you know?

  • Bark, the outermost layer of stems and roots, shields trees from pests, disease, storms,extreme temperatures, and sometimes even fire. Bark also rids trees of waste by absorbing and locking them into its dead cells and resins.
  • All trees have two layers of bark. The inner bark, through which nutrients pass up and down the trunk and along the branches, is soft and moist. The outer bark is hard and firm.
  • Peeling bark and hollow areas don’t always mean a tree is unsafe. Trees usually decay from the inside out, forming a cavity. Depending on the size of the cavity and the strength of the surrounding area, trees will seal, they don’t heal. When a tree is injured, the cells in the surrounding area change chemically and physically to prevent the spread of decay. New cells then line the cut area to create a callous.