Stump Grinding and Removal

In the unfortunate situation where your tree needs to be completely removed, it is important to realize there will also be a stump needing removal. We employ power stump grinders to make mulch and wood chips out of the existing stump, no matter how large or small. Woolf Tree Service Inc. can grind the stump down to a suitable level. Let us help improve the look and design of your residential or commercial lawn by removing the left over stumps of fallen or dead trees.

Did you know?

  • Most trees begin life with a taproot – a straight tapering root that grows vertically down and from which other roots sprout. But after a few years the main root system changes to a wide-spreading system with mainly horizontal growing surface roots and only a few vertical, deep anchoring roots.
  • Roots thrive in the top 6 to 12 inches of soil and spread two to four times wider than the
    tree’s crown.