Woolf Tree Service Inc.’s knowledge and experience will help you grow your trees the way you want them. Depending on the type of tree and placement there are a few options for shaping, such as an umbrella shape or crown reduction. We also provide shrub and hedge shaping. There is an art to giving trees and shrubs a manicured look while keeping them healthy. If started early on, many trees can be controlled to follow a direct line. We suggest that you consult with our professionals when beginning the shaping process.

Did you know?

  • Uniquely-shaped trees may be visually interesting, but shape may also indicate whether a tree is weak or structurally unbalanced. Storms, improper pruning, topping, and other damage can all weaken a tree’s architecture and cause unusual growth patterns.
  • Branches with splits and cracks at a joint can be weak. Multiple branches attached to one spot on the trunk can also be trouble spots. U-shaped joints are stronger then narrow V-shaped unions, which can harbor disease-causing debris.


  • Broken branches, whether partially attached or completely separated from the tree, are called hangers or “widow makers.” Extremely hazardous and likely to fall, they should be removed promptly. The same is true for deadwood.