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  • How much does tree service cost?
    There are many factors considered when pricing tree pruning and removals. Such as size of the tree, branch drop zones, brush drag length etc. Call us for a free estimate to get the exact price for your job.
  • What season is best for pruning?
    Most routine pruning and removal of weak, diseased, or dead branches can be done at any time with little negative effect on the trees. As a general guideline plant growth is maximized if pruning is done just before the buds swell, in late winter or early spring and growth is minimized by pruning in late spring or summer. The most important aspect of pruning is to only remove what is needed for strong tree and branch structure and that the tree is able to close the wounds and reduce the likelihood of decay.
  • How often do I need to prune my trees?
    On average every 3-4 years. Routine pruning keeps your trees healthy, improves structure, reduces risk, provides clearance and manages crown density.
  • When should I prune my fruit trees?
    Late winter to early spring when they are still dormant. In Idaho that typically falls between late December and mid-March.
  • How deep will you grind my stumps?
    About 8-10 inches below ground level.
  • What do you do with the wood and chips?
    We do not sell firewood so the wood is given to our "wood guy" for processing, which is a win-win for us since we don't have to dump it at the landfill. If you would like to keep it just let the estimator know and he'll add it to the notes. We leave the wood in longer lengths, on average 18-20" rounds, but we do not cut firewood sized pieces. Wood chips can also be dumped on site upon request.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, we are licensed with the City of Boise and Nampa and carry liability insurance and worker's compensation for all employees.
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